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Important Abbreviations Computer Awareness Questions Answers

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  • Bhoopendra 7 years ago

    Nice collection sir

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  • Purvi Makwana 7 years ago

    Collection of abbreviations are very informative. Thanks.

  • Red 8 years ago

    Thanks a lot sir

  • Subbaraju. 8 years ago

    thank you so much and the work is so good.

  • Shobhit 8 years ago

    Q No 37: Full form of BPS:

    Answer is given as Bytes Per Second. but if we search in google, answer comes as Bits Per Second. So what is the correct answer?

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    thanks Chandan for your feedback !

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    thanks Subbaraju !

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    Welcome Red

  • subaa 9 years ago

    ANSI - American National Standards Institute

  • Shoukat Khan 9 years ago

    what is the difference b/w Modulation And Demodulation and
    Modulator And Demodulator, please reply. but i read that MODEM is stand for Modulation And Demodulation.