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Computer Awareness Questions Answers - Set 2

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  • KUMAR SHUBHAM 5 years ago

    nice collection

  • Sravan 7 years ago

    Nice Questions :)

  • RAVINDRA 7 years ago

    Sir I read only set questions , it may be very useful for my upcoming jssc cgsce mains exam. Thanks a lot

  • sajid khan 7 years ago

    computer answar in McQs moje send karlo please .mera id [email protected]

  • Vivek Ganguly 7 years ago

    sir plz upload questions for economy also

  • salinder mor 8 years ago

    Jaisa Naam...Waisa Kaam...superb work...
    Salute to u & ur team sir
    Keep it up...we r great thankful to u

  • Niraj Soni 8 years ago

    nice ....awesome
    so much helpful

  • Subbaraju. 8 years ago

    thank you so much

  • ravi kiran 8 years ago

    good stuff sir

  • ravi kiran 8 years ago

    great stuff sir

  • poresh nath 8 years ago

    really very effective for any kind of competitave exam...hope you will add more update...thank you :)

  • chandan das 8 years ago

    sir is this sufficient for ibps exam

  • Direndra"- lostman 8 years ago

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  • veeresha 8 years ago

    veeresha Thak u sir giving good and exms questions also in ibps they wiil ask such kind of question i am touch with u always....

  • shiva 8 years ago

    simply superb..

  • vibhor jain 8 years ago

    Hi. do these questions need any updation ever or this is it.
    2. do i need to refer any other books or these questions are more or less sufficient??

  • kavita 8 years ago

    I think Winrar is also an application software. Please explain.

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    Hi Vibhor, these are the type of questions generally asked.. we encourage you study as much as you can ! good luck !!!

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    welcome Veeresha !

    mastguru 8 years ago replied

    thanks Shiva !

  • !!Oswald!! 9 years ago


  • Nivedita 9 years ago

    Nice questions.Thanks a lot.

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    welcome Nivedita Ji

  • archana 9 years ago

    SIR, it will be v.good if u give some notes and then go for MCQ..

  • vijay 9 years ago

    i want more questions

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Sure Vijay, we will be uploading more questions soon :)

  • mangala nand 9 years ago

    sir at ibps po 2014 i was greatly supported by your site. Thank you very much

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Most Welcome Mangala.

  • GURPREET 9 years ago

    good job.....

  • isha 9 years ago

    really awsm questions...thnks...

  • Dhruval Patel 10 years ago

    pls add some other que........ ;-)

    mastguru 10 years ago replied

    Sure Dhruval.. We will be adding more questions soon. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Bhupender 10 years ago


    shrinivas 9 years ago replied

    Awsme qustn

  • Mayank 10 years ago

    seroiusly.... nice question...

    mastguru 10 years ago replied

    Thank you Mayank for your feedback.