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Computer Awareness Questions Answers - Set 1

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  • Shareif 5 years ago

    Please provide the pdf computer basis I am preparing for 2nd stage alp

  • Ahmed 5 years ago

    thanks for your information

  • Ronn Kurien 5 years ago

    Very good question and answer sessions, able to retrieve from our memory and also learn

  • sachin gautam 5 years ago

    its a good quiz

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  • kunal tawade 5 years ago

    it is very good to our computer knowlage

  • prem chand 5 years ago

    good but average

  • pankaj shitole 5 years ago

    thanks sir

  • Ashish Bhatt 6 years ago

    Very good question & Answers , I am very happy to read these questions. So , send any computer related questions . thanks

  • Ram Kumar 6 years ago


  • gdfg 7 years ago

    Gujarat High Court IT Cell Useful Material Quiz Upload Please

  • gopa 7 years ago

    very nice

  • akki singh 7 years ago

    are these questions match the standard of po exam questions?

  • SuMit ThAkur 7 years ago

    Sir keep share your important question answer with us thanks its very usfull

  • Kumbiiiii 7 years ago

    9Cccc inform

  • prasanta 7 years ago

    Really very useful quenstions...Thnx

  • Muhamaad Rizwan 7 years ago

    very nice useful info about omputer

  • Jintu 7 years ago

    can you please check Q94, I think CD-ROM is optical device.

  • A.Phimu 7 years ago

    I never know so many things until I discover this site. thank you to all of you who work hard to get this information for us. Gob bless you and may many young bloods be blessed through you its very usefull . thank you again.

  • rahul 7 years ago

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  • Akam 7 years ago

    Answer of Question 94 is wrong.
    Optical storage devices are ; CD-ROM,CD-R,
    CD-RW, DVD etc.

  • venkatesh 8 years ago

    thank u for given information

  • saroj 8 years ago

    94 is wrong. Its should A: optical disk

  • suvarna awasthi 8 years ago

    can you give me suggestion about the yes bank because my interview held on tommrow

  • Aman 8 years ago

    USB is secondary device not tertiary

  • Navon Vyas 8 years ago

    awsome sir i wana more question like input output devices and ms office and html and os and internet and technology and c language and major development in IT

  • Raj Gupta 8 years ago

    nice questions its too gud................Raj

  • aravind 8 years ago

    odd is optical disk drive which is cd / dvd drive pl correct this answer

  • bhupendra sahu 8 years ago

    pleas upload some virus and anti virus question and operating system also.....

  • ane 8 years ago

    its so fun

  • Hitesh Panchal 8 years ago

    very useful knowledge !!

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  • Mohit Khatore 8 years ago

    thank u Sir very useful

  • Rao Karan 8 years ago

    and very useful it is sir or madam.

  • Rao Karan 8 years ago

    want pore question to test my knowledge. sir or madam, pls reply, and send me link where it is.

  • wiki 8 years ago

    very informative Quiz.. thank you..

  • Rahim shami 8 years ago

    great yar

  • Subbaraju. 8 years ago

    thank you so much

  • Subbaraju. 8 years ago

    thanks you so much mast guru

  • tanu mishra 8 years ago

    highly recommended for speed and knowledge as well. thank you

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  • Vicky Vikas 8 years ago

    Excellent graphical interface to practice, will not get bored reading hours together too.
    Please add somewhat high level questions, this questions seams very simple which examiners will not prefer.

  • Harish sc 8 years ago

    Super 5 ratings

  • rajesh 8 years ago

    really good question.thanx

  • dinesh 8 years ago

    its very useful but it should be taken to be advanced technology

  • Direndra"- lostman 8 years ago

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  • Pratikkumar Champaklal Majithi 8 years ago

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  • Ayush Malik 8 years ago

    nice questions... carry on

  • anil kumar yadav 8 years ago

    very importent questions for basic knowledge of C.

  • rahul 8 years ago

    nice questions but still more

  • Cool girl 8 years ago

    Thnk u...very helpful...Please post quiz questions for all topics....

  • Apoorva 8 years ago


  • Abhi Kumar 8 years ago

    Gud ques.

  • shubham singh 8 years ago

    Really imp basic questions which is helpful for me in GETCO exams.

  • vishh 9 years ago

    light but imp ques.. thnks 4 ur help sirr..

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Welcome Vishh !

  • radha prabhu kumar 9 years ago

    its simply fantastic and useful inforamtion one who are looking to know something about computer........ thank u

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Welcome Radha Prabhu and thanks for your feedback !

  • SbiGuru 9 years ago

    You can check out the website for more questions and preparation of exam....

  • Aftab Alam 9 years ago

    Very nice sets of question and very helpful..I love this site...
    Thank you very much

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Thank you Aftab !

  • sameer 9 years ago

    Very good basic collection of computer knowledge.
    Please provide some questions on Microsoft office.
    Thank u

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Thanks Sameer for feedback !

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  • vijayyadav 9 years ago

    Thanks for valuable questions sir plz add

  • Er Gopi Krishnan 9 years ago

    Nice and useful

  • Mahalingam Ponnayeram 9 years ago

    89 is wrong

  • Mahalingam Ponnayeram 9 years ago

    question number 89 is wrong
    correct answer is machine language

  • Mahalingam Ponnayeram 9 years ago

    for Q.No 89 answer is given wrong
    correct answer is
    Machine Language

  • Vikram Giridhar 9 years ago

    totally usefull

  • Dashing parth 9 years ago

    which holds the execution which to be performed next....
    A) Memory pool
    B) address pool
    C) processor
    D) data pool
    E) None of these
    ans this qus.::::??

  • raju 9 years ago

    really useful for me and please provide for teachers exams

  • qayum 9 years ago

    nice collection of questions, plz update it again and add new questions more

    mastguru 9 years ago replied

    Sure Qayum !

  • Vikram Giridhar 9 years ago

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  • akhil 9 years ago

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  • S. Garg 9 years ago

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    hats off

  • MA Hanif 9 years ago

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  • Saran Ya 9 years ago

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  • anusha 9 years ago

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  • Hardik Patel 9 years ago

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  • RB 9 years ago

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    Pratikkumar Champaklal Majithi 8 years ago replied

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  • swati 9 years ago

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  • Naveen Tiwari 9 years ago

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  • Denis Khan 9 years ago

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  • rashmi 9 years ago

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  • saurav 9 years ago

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    bit high level question as asking in ibps latest pattern......... again thanks

  • prabhu 9 years ago

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    please give additional question for basic computer knowledge

  • prabhu 9 years ago

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  • Tapish Jain 9 years ago

    Nice ques..sir plz provide some ibps po level ques..thnku in advance..

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  • Sumanth Kumar 10 years ago

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